House of Lola brand was born in 2008 by the creative idea of her two original founders, Anna Eklund and Lottis Sparrman.

A great drive to create garments that can be worn across environment and situations and used over and over again, was the starting point of this beautiful and loved brand.

The basis behind our designs is a strong focus on fit and function, with production in Europe.

Design of garments that hang at the front of the wardrobe and that you can feel beautiful in.

Every day.

We love fashion! And fashion has no age! Either if are young, or perhaps you became a mother or grandmother, it is important that - through the clothes we choose to wear in every[1]day life - we can show our character and personality.

Sometimes, it means we want to stand out and sometimes we want to fit in.

Clothes can be simple and easy, and with a more conscious approach to what we dress, our ward[1]robe becomes more durable.

  • Garments we feel good in are worn more often.
  • Garments we value too high, we are more afraid of wearing them.
  • Garments we thrive on, help us feel comfortable and confident.

We see it as a great honor to be able to create garments that can increase the well-being of our customers. Garments that accompany you in all the different circumstances of your day and life.

Designed In Sweden. Manufactured in Europe.

Manufacturing in Europe has been a conscious choice for us from the start.

A choice that has stayed with us all these years.

Manufacturing in Europe provides short lead times, short delivery times but also social and cultural security. Our suppliers are more than just partners, they are respected friends that we got to know over the years.

Together, we create sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion for us means care.

  • Care for both the person wearing the garment,
  • Those who work with the production of the garment,
  • For our own staff

and, of course,

  • Care for our surroundings.

Sustainability is high on our agenda in all decisions we make. From how we sort trash at the office, what packaging we use, the materials we use for the garments but also sustainable purchases and designs that last over time.

In this way, the joy of fashion and sustainability coexist in harmony.

Thank you for choosing our garments.

With Love,

House of Lola